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Speise Mixed salad with white balsamic vinegar
Preis 6 Euro
Speise Carpaccio of bavarian beef
Preis 12 Euro
Zutaten with truffle vinaigrette
Speise Smoked terrine of wild boar with lambs lettuce
Preis 14 Euro
Zutaten walnut, cowberries, horseradish creme
Speise Fried goat`s cheese in patry
Preis 14 Euro
Zutaten with honney, salad and fruits
Speise Baked chicken stripes on a big mixed salad
Preis 16 Euro


Speise Cream soup of pumpkin
Preis 5 Euro
Speise Clear soup with boiled beef liver spätzle
Preis 5 Euro
Zutaten and vegetable stripes


Speise Pumpkin Ravioli on Saffron sauce
Preis 15 Euro
Speise Noodles in truffle cream with shaved truffle
Preis 16 Euro
Speise Risotto with yellow boletuses and black truffles
Preis 19 Euro

Seafood dishes

Speise Roasted salmon and pikeperch with noodles
Preis 20 Euro
Zutaten green asparagus and Estragonsauce

Meat dishes

Speise Wiener Schnitzel from the saddle of veal
Preis 19 Euro
Zutaten cowberries and potato cucumber salad
Speise Rib-Eye with herb butter
Preis 22 Euro
Zutaten and sweet potatoes
Speise Roasted filet steak of beef
Preis 27 Euro
Zutaten potato gratin, Ratatouille and harlotte sauce


Speise Cremé brûlée with a ragout of wild berries
Preis 6 Euro
Speise Fruits salad with lemon sorbet
Preis 6 Euro
Speise Bittersweet chocolate with egg liqueur
Preis 7 Euro
Speise Kaiserschmarrn with stewed apple
Preis 7 Euro