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Speise Carpaccio of Bavarian beef
Preis 12,50 Euro
Zutaten with Ruccola and Parmesan
Speise Smoked ducj breast
Preis 14 Euro
Zutaten with a salad bouquet

Limmerhof salads

Speise Large Salad
Preis 12 Euro
Zutaten with roasted Champignons and smelted pumpkin stones
Subheadline Caesar Salad
Variante with Caesardressing, Croutons and Parmesan
with roasted stripes of Turckey breast
with grilled Scampi and garlic Bread
Preis 9,50 Euro
14,50 Euro
17,40 Euro


Speise Pumpkin cream soup
Preis 6,50 Euro
Speise Consomme
Preis 6,50 Euro
Zutaten with pancake


Speise Pumpkin – Ravioli
Preis 14,50 Euro
Zutaten with porcini sauce

Seafood dishes

Speise Fillet of salmon
Preis 19,50 Euro
Zutaten on green asparagus risotto
Speise Filet of Gilthead
Preis 19,50 Euro
Zutaten on spinach and parsley potatoes

Meat dishes

Speise Wiener Schnitzel of veal
Preis 22,50 Euro
Zutaten with lingonberries and roasted potatoes
Speise Duck breast on Orangesauce
Preis 19,50 Euro
Zutaten with beans in wrapped in bacon and potato puree
Speise Filet of beef
Preis 24 Euro
Zutaten with a red wine-Chalotten-Sauce and roasted Polenta


Speise Cremé Brûlée
Preis 8,50 Euro
Zutaten with marinated wild berries
Speise Mousse of chocolate
Preis 7,50 Euro
Zutaten on a puree of wild berries with waffle
Speise „unfinished Apfelstrudel“
Preis 8,50 Euro
Zutaten with Vanilla sauce