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Speise Tartare of beet root with grison meat
Preis 10,50 Euro
Zutaten Chicory, balsamic cream with truffle oil
Speise Carpaccio of Bavarian beef
Preis 11,50 Euro
Zutaten Rocket salad, horseradish sauce, parmesan
Speise Carpaccio of salmon and loup de mer
Preis 12,50 Euro
Zutaten Salad bouquet, olive oil, tomato concassé
Speise Prompted goat’s cheese with honey
Preis 13,50 Euro
Zutaten Salad, fresh fruits

Limmerhof salads

Speise Mixed salad with white balsamic dressing
Preis 6,50 Euro
Speise Baked chicken stripes on a big mixed salad
Preis 15,50 Euro
Zutaten White balsamic dressing, pumpkin oil
Subheadline Caesars salad
Variante Romain salad, Caesar dressing, croutons, parmesan
with slices of fried chicken breast
with grilled scampis
Preis 9,50 Euro
14,50 Euro
17,50 Euro


Speise Green asparagus potato cream soup
Preis 6,50 Euro
Speise Herbal cream soup with croutons
Preis 6,50 Euro
Speise Beef consommé
Preis 6,50 Euro
Zutaten Liver spätzle, bone marrow dumpling


Speise Herbs gnocci with gorgonzola sauce
Preis 16,50 Euro
Zutaten Cherry tomatoes, olives, parmesan
Speise Spinach dumpling with mushroom cream sauce
Preis 18,50 Euro
Speise Risotto with porcini mushrooms and shrimps
Preis 19,50 Euro
Zutaten Parmesan, parsley

Seafood dishes

Speise Fried salmon with fine noodles
Preis 20,50 Euro
Zutaten Green asparagus, tarragon sauce
Speise On skin fried zander with ratatouille
Preis 21,50 Euro
Zutaten Au gratin potatoes, white wine sauce

Meat dishes

Speise Wiener Schnitzel from the saddle of veal
Preis 19,00 Euro
Zutaten cowberries, fried potatoes
Speise Duck breast with natural sauce
Preis 19,50 Euro
Zutaten Butter vegetable, au gratin potatoes
Speise Rib-Eye from Allgäu with herb butter
Preis 20,50 Euro
Zutaten Sweet potato french fries
Speise Grilled entrecôte from Goldbeef (ca. 250g)
Preis 27,50 Euro
Zutaten Fried potatoes, vegetables, shallot sauce


Speise Cremé brûlée with a ragout of wild berries
Preis 6,50 Euro
Speise Fresh fruit salad with lemon sorbet
Preis 6,50 Euro
Speise Chocolate mousse with advocaat
Preis 7,50 Euro
Speise Nougat parfait with vanilla sauce
Preis 7,50 Euro